Giveback Program


Why Are We Featuring a Giveback Program?
Both Sarah and Nigel have always been big proponents for giving back to the community in any way possible, although Nigel's main way of showing support is by giving slobbery kisses. When dreaming about Sarah & Nigel's, Sarah knew that she wanted to incorporate a Giveback Program to help the programs that support the empowerment and success of women, as well as those that ensure the safety and well-being of animals. 

In the past, Sarah has been involved in philanthropy through countless hours of volunteering, serving in various leadership positions, and encouraging friends to identify and volunteer for an organization that means something to them.

She has a heart for the Make-A-Wish Foundation for which she volunteered for several years during her undergraduate career (Fun Fact: she granted over 25 wishes in America and while studying abroad in Australia for a semester in 2015, she helped facilitate 3 wishes). She also volunteered as an American Red Cross Super Volunteer for Appalachian State University's (her alma mater - GO 'NEERS) Homecoming Blood Drive, which is known across the nation as one of the largest single-day, single-location blood drives in the country. She served as a guardian ad litem with the Watauga County court system and volunteered at the local animal shelter while completing her undergraduate degree. Most recently, the organization that holds her heart and takes most of her time is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention which she joined in order to honor her friend and roommate, Savannah, who died by suicide in 2016.  

How We Chose the Highlighted Charities
At the core of Sarah & Nigel's is the focus of giving back to the community, so she has hand-selected several fantastic and worthy IRS-registered 501(c)3s to include in Sarah & Nigel's Giveback Program. She has chosen to highlight primarily women-oriented nonprofits because according to CNBC, "only 1.6% of Americans' charitable giving goes towards nonprofits helping women and girls". We also want to share some of the love with an animal related nonprofit, for obvious reasons!

How the Giveback Program Works
Anytime you purchase a human-related product, 10% of the subtotal will go toward your choice of a women-focused nonprofit. Likewise, 10% of your purchase subtotal of all items purchased for your fur baby (or babies) will go to an animal-related charity of your choice. If your order is a mix of human-related and pet-related products, we will let you choose your two charities and we will do that math for you!  We are so excited to be able to do this and are hoping that with the help of our Sarah & Nigel's family we will be able to grow a healthier and happier community for women and animals across the country. 

Want to Nominate a Charity That's Captured Your Heart?
We will continue to monitor and update our giveback program recipients as often as needed. If you are aware of a nonprofit that accepts financial donations and is focused on the success of women or animals, please send any information our way by emailing us at with the subject "Giveback Nomination". The charity must be registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization and seen by the general public as a non-partisan organization associated with women or animals. We reserve the right to decline any organization for any reason.