About Us

I am a graduate of Appalachian State University with my Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a minor in Psychology and  graduate of American University graduate with my Masters in Public Administration and Policy. I am a former Miss America Organization local titleholder. I am a lover of breezy sunshiney days, the ocean, corgis (and other pups, of course), traveling, scuba diving, matcha lattes, bubble tea (obsessed with thai bubble teas), smoothie bowls, lotus root, and SHOPPING (obviously)! Although I enjoy shopping for myself, shopping for others is really where my passion lies. There's nothing like going out empty-handed and coming back with several cute little trinkets or gifts that I bought with my friends in mind. That is the whole idea behind Sarah & Nigel's. Almost every single item that you find on our site was sourced with a specific friend or two in mind. I think "Ooooh this reminds me of so-and-so's style" or "OMG this would look amazing on so-and-so" and, of course, have to order! Since I am the type of person to sport ALL kinds of outfits (literally anything from leggings and a t-shirt to evening gowns and giant sparkly earrings), it's my goal that when you're shopping with us, you can find outfits for every occasion, whether that be a netflix binge on your couch or an appearance at a children's hospital (for my pageant gals). I also LOVE LOVE LOVE input, so if there is a certain style, pattern, color, texture, fabric, or what-have-you that you are DYING to find, email me at shop@sarahandnigels.com with as much detail as possible (pictures always help a ton) and I will do my hardest to find exactly what you're looking for. 

WOOOOOF, my name is Nigel and I'm a three year old corgi who is the light of my mommy's life. I am a lover of bread and noodles (any type of carbs, really...just like mommy), I'm spazzy, silly, and love to lay on my back with my legs splayed out while I nomnom on my toys, I absolutely hate the vacuum and mail delivery man (I swear when they knock on the door, I am READY to defend my house), my mommy calls me the Master Blepper, I'm a sploot connoisseur, and sometimes I forget I'm not a meerkat. When my mommy said I could pick out stuff for my own line (Nigel's Crate), I was giddy with excitement and only sourced toys & treats (forgot about the leashes, collars, and the other boring things OOPS). We have a large stock of toys and will be getting leashes, collars, and the lame (but very fashionable) things soon! Thanks for shopping with us!

Oh, last thing: mommy said I could show you guys my meerkat trick, so here it is! This is the trick I use to get fed bread and noodles ;)